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I would like to assure all of my customers that I take safety very seriously. I have strict safety procedures in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

BEFORE coronavirus I have always operated business with strict regard to safety procedures which protect me as well as you and your property. I use appropriate sheeting to protect floors and carpets and proper dust control measures are normal. I use a proper p3 dust mask and clean gloves for every job as standard.

I now have ENHANCED protection in place:

  • When booking an appointment, I will ask you to confirm that everyone in your household has been free of coronavirus symptoms for at least 7 days and that no-one is isolating. I will confirm the same for my household.

  • I will also explain safety procedures and customer checklist.

  • I will contact you the day before your appointment to confirm the health status of your and of my household. I will also ask this as I arrive.

  • Please ensure that the route to your chimney / fire is clear and there is adequate space for me to work. Clear out any ashes and move furniture and ornaments where possible.

  • Please ventilate the room/s with open windows ahead of my visit where possible.

  • I will enter your property wearing mask and gloves. These will remain on for the duration of the visit.

  • I will observe recommended social distancing and ask that you remain in another room during the sweeping process.

  • A clean sheet will be placed on your floor.

  • I will issue a certificate as usual (please use your own pen to sign it).

  • Payment procedures remains the same - bank transfer, cheque or cash.

  • I will remove and secure / dispose of any consumables appropriately. Used sheets will be packaged for cleaning.

  • Finally, we will remove gloves etc. and apply hand sanitiser.

We regret we are unable to accept tea and biscuits for now 😊.

If you need advice or wish to make a booking, please call 07919364855.

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